Hays family update - Oct 2010
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Hi everyone,
Hope you are enjoying the autumn weather where you are. It's been quite pleasant here, at least for this time of year. There has been scattered frost a couple of times, and most days get up to about 50 F (they say it's unusually warm). The leaves are really awesome to behold - vibrant colors - and it's been sunny, so the colors really stand out.
Two days ago (Oct 5), we celebrated - Kerttu had her final radiation treatment! - no more cancer treatments! Blood tests show that things are normal. She also had a doctor's visit that day - Kerttu does not need to have her first annual routine check-up until June/July next year, and she can have that done in Australia, rather than come back to Finland (there are no places in Papua New Guinea equipped for this kind of check). The skin in the area that was getting treated is only slightly red, but not irritated (which normally would be the case). She's still feeling a bit tired, but they say she'll be like that for quite a while to come (takes about a year for all of the chemicals from chemo to work their way out of the body, or whatever happens to them). Kerttu will continue to take anti-hormonal medicine for the next 5 years.
We've booked our tickets to return to PNG, leaving Finland on January 11, arriving in Port Moresby, PNG on the 14th. We were able to book the flights with a mission travel agency, so got really good deals. Since Jan. is high season, esp. in the PNG area, the flights from Singapore to Port Moresby were nearly full (meaning we were needing to be waitlisted). Rather than running the risk of not getting seats on that flight, we decided to see if we had enough Qantas frequent flyer points to get us to PNG from Singapore in Business Class (Economy Class was already fully booked). And we did! Well, we ended up using nearly all of our frequent flyer points, but we were able to save about $1,400. The only downfall is that we only get one piece of checked luggage each (which is normal for international travel if one does not travel through the USA, in which case we'd get two pieces each). So, we will use up a big chunk of that savings sending some of our personal belongings to PNG via DHL.
Sometime during the next couple of months, we all need to have routine medical and dental exams done. These are required before we can return to PNG. Since Kerttu and I are getting older, we will need to have our cholesterol levels and hearts (EKG) checked. Please pray that we all get a "clean bill of health".
We also wanted to pass along Niko's 9th grade school photo you (see photo attached/below). He's certainly growing up - and really changed since we left PNG last year. He's several inches taller than his mom, but still a bit shorter than I am. He's doing fine in school - though lots of homework. He has a few friends at school. He also attends the youth service at church on Saturday nights, goes to a boys' Bible study on Monday nights, and meets with others at school during the midday break for prayer each day. He's looking forward to the week-long mid-term break at the end of this month. He's also excited about getting back to PNG to be with his friends again.
Thanks for standing with us in our journey. We have appreciated your encouraging words, prayers, and continued financial support.
In Christ,
Darrell (for the 3 of us)


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