Youth Minister

Taci Phaup


I became a Christian at six years of age while my mom was reading a Ruth Bell Graham book to us before school. I recognized that I was a sinner who needed saving and I requested that my mom pray with me for forgiveness. I grew up in a Christian home surrounded by Christian family and friends and lived a relatively committed life until high school. My junior year of high school took a turn for the worse after a harsh breakup with some dearly close friends and their brother, who I happen to be dating at the time. I felt alone and unwanted and fell into depression, resulting in a suicidal mindset. I attempted suicide three times, each time being struck with fear by the Lord, being interrupted, or God not allowing it to work. One evening in desperation and tired of being anxious all the time, I cried to the Lord for help and He reminded me that He had died for the WHOLE world, including me, and that He hadn't created me for no reason. My depression left immediately and I was determined to better myself and to make sure those around me knew of His love.

I have been interested in ministry from a young age but finally listened to the call from the Lord around eighteen years old while working as a counselor at Panfork Baptist Encampment. I dealt with a lot of doubt whether or not to enter into this calling and unfortunately a great deal of that doubt stemmed from the undying criticism I recieved from those around me. Being a young lady and having had little college, many felt I was unqualified for the position, but the Lord constantly reminded me of Philippians 1:6 and the fact that God doesn't call the equipped but equips the called.

I have been married for a little over two years. My husband's name is Paeton and we have a little boy named Strickland. Paeton is going into the U.S. Army and I, in  addition to ministry, am a homemaker, dedicated wife and mother, and fitness enthusiast.

   November 2018   
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